January 16, 2015

NYU Alumni Inspire: 18 Alumni Claim Spots on Forbes “30 Under 30”

During the first week of January, Forbes released its annual “30 Under 30” list acknowledging the best and the brightest across 20 industries. Of the game changers selected, 18 NYU alumni and one assistant professor were highlighted. Congratulations to everyone who made the list and continue to inspire the NYU community!

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Last year we were inspired by more than 100 alumni photo submissions. We saw families begin, artistic achievements, New Year’s resolutions, and more!

Get Inspired by Fellow Alumni on Forbes List “30 Under 30”

  • Miriam Altman (WAG ’13) and Alexandra Meis (WAG ’13)
    As grad students at NYU, Atlman and Meis teamed up to solve the problem of low school attendance among at-risk youth. Together, they founded Kinvolved, an app that tracks attendance and behavior and shares the information with their schools, family, and after school programs. Currently, they have 110 school clients in five cities.
  • Elika Bergelson (CAS ’07)
    As a child of Russian immigrant, Bergelson has always be interested in how we learn language. Currently she studies language acquisition in infants and has found that around six months, infants begin understanding words for food and body parts.
  • Brett Berson (TSOA ’10)
    Berson leads a team of 10 as the Vice President of First Round Capital. His team handles community outreach for more than 200 startups.
  • Leanne Brown (STEINHARDT ’14)
    After earning her master’s degree, Brown wrote Good and Cheap, a cookbook for people with limited income. The books are sold on a get one, give one model to reach more people in need. She is beginning a new retail venture with Workman Publishing.
  • Louisa Burch (GAL nongrad alumna)
    With her older sister Alexandra "Pookie" Burch, Burch cofounded Trademark, which focuses on minimalist clothing and accessories. She oversees business development, operations, and distribution for the company
  • Lisa Fetterman (LS ’08, CAS ’10)
    Fetterman hopes to change the way people cook with the Nomiku, which allows anybody to sous vide at home. Sous vide is a method of cooking food sealed in airtight bags in a water bath or steam environment for extended cooking times.
  • Jon Freeman, Assistant Professor of Psychology
    Assistant Professor Jon Freeman developed a software which measures the snap judgments you make the instant you see someone’s face. He has written 50 scientific papers on the subject.
  • Ilana Glazer (LS ’07, CAS ’09)
    Broad City, which Glazer writes, produces, and stars in, started as a Youtube series. The show depicts a subversive life in New York. Season two began this year.
  • Mattan Griffel (STERN ’10)
    In 2012 Griffel began teaching at Skillshare, which has since turned into One Month. The company, which he cofounded, has taught 15,000 students to build websites and apps. They are expanding globally and branching into non-tech classes. He is also a partner at GrowHack and a teacher at General Assembly.
  • Will Griggs (STEINHARDT ’07)
    While at NYU, Griggs cofounded a record label called Cantora and released MGMT’s Time to Pretend EP in 2005. Cantora has grown to include a live event production team and a tech investment fund.
  • Elisabeth Holm (GAL ’09)
    The Brooklyn-based writer and producer made her mark when she helped find funding for Obvious Child, a hit at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.
  • Jaclyn Johnson (CAS ’07)
    In 2010 Johnson founded (No Subject), a marketing and events agency based in Los Angeles. Her lifestyle blog, Some Notes on Napkins, reaches nearly 50,000 monthly views.
  • Rooney Mara (GAL ’10)
    As the titular role in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Mara earned an Oscar nomination. This year she is starring as Tiger Lily in Pan, the much anticipated Terrence Malick movie. During her time at NYU, Mara established a foundation to help children in Kenya’s Kibera slums and has continued humanitarian work as an Oxfam ambassador.
  • Jonah Miller (STEINHARDT ’09)
    In April 2014, Miller opened Huertas in the East Village, taking the next step in his life-long journey to be a chef.
  • Alex Orley (GAL ’10) and Matthew Orley (GAL ’09)
    Along with Matthew’s wife Samantha, the Orley brothers run New York menswear company, Orley.
  • Sam Rosen (CAS nongrad alumnus)
    Rosen is the founder of MakeSpace, a full service storage company designed to take the hassle out of using storage units. For a monthly fee, MakeSpace allows users to store four boxes of photo-catalogued items that can be delivered with the click of a button.
  • Borna Sammack (STEINHARDT ’11)
    Sammack uses existing decals to make video collages and heat transfers on canvas. He often uses words found on awnings and signs he sees on the street.
  • Miles Teller (TSOA ’09)
    During 2014, Teller appeared in four movies and stunned audiences with his performance in Whiplash. In 2015 he is claiming the role of Mr. Fantastic in The Fantastic Four reboot.
  • Zachary Townsend (WAG ’12)
    After meeting Dan Kimerling as teenager and working together at the Y Combinator, Townsend cofounded Standard Treasury, a startup to simplify commercial banking. The company makes it easier for companies to add financial services to their websites and apps.