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June 20, 2011

The World Science Festival culminated with a Youth and Family Street Fair around Washington Square Park. Photo credit: Leslieimage.com

Science in the City: NYU Brings Science to the Public as Host of World Science Festival

By Kristine Jannuzzi (CAS '98)

The images of the geeky scientist holed up in a lab and the absentminded professor whose experiments go comically awry may be pervasive in popular culture, but the 2011 World Science Festival made great strides in shattering those stereotypes and portraying science as a subject that is downright cool.


2011 Alumni Meritorious Service Awards

On May 18, the NYU Alumni Association (NYUAA) presented the 2011 Alumni Meritorious Service Awards recognizing outstanding alumni for their service to the University.

Pictured above (L-R): NYU President John Sexton, Award Recipient John A. Calvo (STERN ’91, LAW ’95), Christopher O’Connell (STERN ’00), and NYUAA President Michael Denkensohn (Stern ’73). Photo Credit: Dan Creighton

Pictured above (L-R): Lawrence Mandelker (LAW ’68), Award Recipient Steven S. Miller (LAW ’70), John Sexton, and Michael Denkensohn. Photo Credit: Dan Creighton

NYU Alumni Travel Undiscovered Italy: Apulia

By Kristine Jannuzzi (CAS '98)

At the heel of Italy's boot lies a crossroads of history, art, natural beauty, and local traditions that has quietly emerged as one of the country's most enlightening and enjoyable regions to visit.


Featured Alumni Benefits

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Stephanie Curcuru (CIMS '09)

By Ian Duncan (GSAS '12)

For one Wall Street banker, a graduate degree in math started a quest for greater understanding of the financial world.


Where Pride Began: The LGBT Movement at NYU

By Julianna Monjeau (CAS '09, GSAS ‘11)

June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Pride month, and LGBT students at NYU can be proud of the strides they have made in gaining a voice in the University and the Greenwich Village community over the past 40 years.


What was the best dorm at NYU?

Stephanie: 3rd North for the courtyard!

Melissa: Rubin! Loved the atmosphere. And Lenny Kravitz used to hang out in the lobby

Andri: ‎7th Street all the way.

Mara: Hayden Hall is a classic!!...The pool, the piano room, the view right in front of the park... Priceless!

Elizabeth: Alumni Hall – it's close to campus (and, importantly, a Starbucks) and it was nice having my own bedroom.

Thomas: Back in the day the saying was, "Weinstein is where all the cool kids live."

Carla: Carlyle. The view of Union Square West is amazing! Lived there my entire undergrad. Loved it

Allyson: My duplex apartment at Water Street will be the nicest place I will ever have in NYC.

Lindsay: Broome St. Can't beat that location and the restaurants/shops. The rooms have great views and are huge, too. Loved it.

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