Learn more about the official NYU Alumni Club in Japan!

Official NYU Alumni Club in Japan

Dear NYU Alumni in Japan,

The Office of Global Alumni Programs at New York University is delighted to announce the formal establishment of the NYU Alumni Club in Japan. This Club will serve as an alumni networking platform for ALL NYU grads in Japan, and maintain close ties with the University’s Alumni Relations Office. This all-inclusive Alumni Club will co-exist with the Stern Alumni Association and the Washington Square Club (Law) of Japan.

The purpose of the NYU Alumni Club in Japan is to provide a platform for all NYU Alumni in Japan for networking, cultural and educational mixing, and developing lifelong relationships among all of the alumni who wish to join and maintain connections with NYU and its alumni network both locally and globally.

The NYU Alumni Club in Japan is hosting an inaugural event towards the end of this year with a very special guest to celebrate its launch and further development of NYU presence in Japan. Please stay tuned for the future activities and announcements.

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For inquires, contact us at: alumni.japan@nyu.edu

NYU Alumni Club in Japan Leaders Group members:

  • Shinichi Kato (STERN MBA '92), President
  • Yoshihisa Kawamura (STERN MBA '94), Vice President
  • Eric Sedlak (LAW '84), Events Leader
  • Rie Kawase (GSAS '99), Events
  • Manabu Fukuda (LAW '00), Events
  • Makoto Koyano (STERN MBA '93), Golf Events
  • Yasue Kobe (STEINHARDT '91), Communications Leader
  • Mutsumi Nakagami (WAG '10), Communications
  • Shusuke Murai (STEINHARDT '12), Communications
  • Seiji Murakata (STERN MBA '08), Treasurer
  • Yasuto Tsuruta (STERN MBA '86), Administrations Leader
  • Kumiko Kawai (GSAS '95), Administrations